Dear Students,

In accordance with the decision taken within the scope of the fight against Coronavirus, our university has been suspended for three weeks between the dates of March 16th  and April 6th, 2020. Students that are registered to internship, applied training and apprenticeship are included in this process. This process will be coordinated by YÖK and our university will be following all the precautions and measures taken about this issue with great attention.

The midterms of undergraduate and two-year degree programs, which are planned to be done between the dates of March 16 and 20 2020, have been postponed.

We suggest that all students avoid travelling abroad unless necessary. We request that all students who are obliged to travel abroad to inform us about their visits. We also require all students to inform us about entering the country from aboard via e-mailing at our university’s e-mail address [email protected]

All the hygienic precautions have been taken and the campus and all the areas that the students use are being thoroughly cleaned. Precautions such as, hand sanitizers have been placed in all our buildings.

We thank you for all your consideration and support in our fight against coronavirus.

You can read more about COVID-19 in the documents below.



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